Light bar part 2

After having the lightbar for a few months I decided the setup wasn't working out. The lightbar is too small to support the lights and allows them to vibrate.

I had some 55-watt bullet lights I got at JC Whitney. I decided to mount these in place of the larger lights.

Here are the smaller bullet lights installed on the lightbar. They don't look bad and they work well. The problem is the quality of the lights...

The lights are a simple design as can be seen here. The problem is the housings. They use a push and twist style to come apart. That is their downfall. Once you finally get them apart it's impossible (for me anyway) to get them snugly back together. The mounting bracket is riveted to the housing and on one of the lights the rivets were loose.

When I purchased the lightbar I had also purchased some "P" clamps 'just in case'. I decided to use these clamps and mount the large lights to the engine guard. I like this location. The lights are very sturdy and give good illumination. I think it has a cool, triangular freight train look.

Here is another view of the lights attached to the engine guard. I used some chrome zip loom to hide the wires.

In addition to the driving lights, I also rewired the headlight directly to a relay. I had measured some voltages, and found at idle the alternator was putting out 13.6V, but there was only 12.1V at the headlight bulb.

I wanted the new wiring somewhere I could access it if needed without taking the bike apart. I decided to mount it on the airbox behind the right side access cover.

Here is a schematic of my wiring upgrades.

The new wiring works great. Previously, when I'd turn on the driving lights the voltage would drop to below 13V and barely hold its own. Now it stays up near 14V and maintains charge.

In addition to the driving lights I changed the headlight bulb to a Sylvania SilverStar and I have awesome lighting.

Update 9/2005 - The new light setup works great. I have the driving lights angled 15-20 degrees to the sides and aimed about 50 feet down the road. This gives good light coverage without blinding oncoming traffic or people ahead of me.

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