Memphis lowers

My friend John has a Yamaha Royal Venture with a windshield and lowers. He really likes his lowers so I decided to get a set.

The lowers were easy to install. They clamp to the forks.

Here are the lowers on our trip to Asheville.

Here's a better picture of the lowers.

They did a good job of deflecting the air, but in the end I didn't like them for the following reasons:

- By deflecting the air it replaced the sound of rushing air with engine noise...I'd rather listen to the wind.
- My legs got hotter since there was less wind to cool them.
- The lowers deflected the air lower. When I'd wear dress pants to work it would blow my pants up my legs and I've have knickers.
- When I decided to mount my driving lights to the engine guard the lowers were in the way.

Anyone want a set of slightly used purple lowers?

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