Honda Spirit turn signal relocation

If you read the link on my saddlebags you noticed I wasn't happy with the way they fit on the bike. One of the problems is that the turn signals are too close. To solve this problem I ordered a turn signal relocation bracket from Scot Holloway. It only cost $25, and fit perfectly. Here are pictures of the installation.

Update 2005 - If you can't get ahold of Scot a similar bracket is now available through Cruiser Customizing (P/N CWI-01-201).

Here is the relocation bracket and the instructions. The instructions are nicer than most.

Remove the seats and sissy bar. Remove the large bolts (14mm) that hold the rear fender on and set the fender on the tire.

Here is the inside of the fender rail.

The turn signal harnesses and the fender harness come together under the seat. You have to move a rubber sleeve to access them. I unplugged all three.

I removed the fender and took it to the workbench because it was easier to work on there.

When you remove the turn signals from the fender rail here are the parts you have.

This blurry picture (sorry) shows the orientation of the gasket and parts in the relocation bracket.

Here are the assembled turn signals and relocation bracket.

I had to enlarge two holes in the Honda license plate bracket so everything would fit.

Note: This didn't have anything to do with Scot's bracket. The Honda license plate bracket holes didn't match the Honda fender's holes.

Here the relocation bracket is bolted to the fender.

I considered integrating the turn signal harnesses into the brake light harness. After much thought and playing around I decided it would be more trouble than it was worth, so I kept all the harnesses seperate.

I cut the turn signal harnesses and added 15-18" of 16 guage wire to each of them, and even used the correct color of wire. I soldered each connection and used heat shrink on the connections. I also used heat shrink to cover the new part of each harness.

Here is a shot of the harnesses in place. They follow the brake light harness, and go through the same hole in the fender.

Reinstall everything, make sure it works, and go ride!

I like the relocated turn signals. They look natural.

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