Honda Sabre fender swap

I've always liked the looks of the Harley Heritage Softail Classic. It looks like a blend of chopper and cruiser. Over the years I've added stuff to my bike (windshield, saddlebags, crashbars, etc.) that don't totally fit the Shadow Spirit look. One day we were in Nashville, IN, and I saw a purple Shadow Sabre with the factory ghost flame paint. I really liked the look of the bike. The Shadow Spirit and Sabre are the same bike (frame/drivetrain) with different body parts.

I found a set of Sabre fenders on Ebay. They were black with the silver striping. I won them with the intention of having them painted purple if I liked them. I installed the back fender and liked the way it looked. However, I liked the Spirit front fender better. About this time I found a purple Sabre fender with the ghost flames on Ebay and won it. Now I wouldn't have to paint anything. I sold the black fenders on Ebay at a profit.

I got the turn signal assembly and taller Hondaline sissybar on Ebay. I bought the taillight from Mr. Cycles.

The Sabre fender bolts on to the Shadow Spirit fender rails. However, there are no mounting holes in the Sabre fender for the Spirit seat. I drilled holes in the fender and made a mounting system. I also rebent the passenger seat mounting bracket to fit the Sabre fender.

I like the Sabre fender. It fits my accessories better and gives more room for the saddlebags.

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