Here are the contents of the Drag Specialties mini tachometer...tachometer, mounting bracket, instructions.

I purchased the tach (P/N DS-244133) for $50 from Wings Things.

I removed the seat and the gas tank to access the wiring junction box. The arrow points to where I accessed the coil wire.

Here is the wiring junction box. I used the blue w/white striped wire for the key-on power. I used the silver screw for ground. Note: There are two blue wires with white stripes. One is key-on power all the time. The other is key-on power except when the right turn signal is on. Make sure you're using the correct one.

In the bottom right of the picture you can see the four wires from the tach. Blue and red will be connected to key-on power. Green connects to the negative side of the coil. Black is ground.

The connections have been made.

I've disconnected the wire from the right side coil.

I made a 'Y' cable to go between the factory coil wire and the tach sensor wire.

Here is the tachometer mounted to the handlebars. The tachometer just screams for a better mounting setup.

Update - Spring 2004. I found a better tach mount at

I bought two mounts and also added a voltmeter.

Here is a side view of the new mount.

Update Fall 2005 - The backlight burned out.

Update Summer 2006 - The tach died and has been removed.

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