Memphis Slims windshield

Here is the mounting kit for the windshield (P/N MEM9908)...

...and the 15" windshield (P/N MEM4114). The windshield has a purple lower tint to match my bike. The windshield had some scuffs in it, but these buffed out with Novus polish.

I intended to take step by step installation photos, but it went so quick that I forgot.

The four mounting brackets mount unto the forks. They are left loose enough to slide around.

The windshield bracket is bolted to the winshield. Attach the windshield to the mounting brackets...

...and you're done. Adjust the windshield to your liking, and tighten all the bolts. It's a 15 minute job.

I took the bike for a spin in 53 degree weather and it was very comfortable with no wind hitting you in the face. There was enough wind to blow your hair, but that's about it. You could also hear the exhaust better.

June 2004 - In preparation for an upcoming trip I purchased a larger windshield. This is a Memphis Fats 19" tall windshield. It blocks the wind better.

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