Here is everything out of the box from Summit Racing...
the A-pillar (comes black, must be painted)...
transmission remote filter kit...
transmission temperature guage...
water temperature guage...
oil pressure guage.

The A-pillar is primed and painted with paint I found at Pep Boys.

Holes for the guage wiring are drilled in the factory A-pillar trim. I determined the hole locations by fitting the guage pod on the factory piece and marking the locations.

I also drilled holes through the clip mounts to run the wiring through. This keeps it out of the way when reinstalling the A-pillar trim.

The A-pillar gauge pod is placed over the factory A-pillar trim piece, holes are drilled, and the two pieces are secured together using the supplied 'christmas tree' fasteners. The fasteners also need to be painted to match the factory trim color. I used a couple small pieces of two-sided tape to hold the two pieces together while I drilled the holes.

The guages are wired through the A-pillar. I left enough 'slop' in the wiring to allow the guages to be removed from the pod.

The guages are a 'press fit' into the guage pod...the supplied mounting clamps aren't used. I filed the holes to allow the guages to fit snugly, but still be rotated for adjustment. I used long pieces of wire to make sure they would reach under the dash.

I tested as much of the wiring as possible before installing the guage pod.

The wiring is fished through the dash. The guage pod is set into place, and snapped in. Make sure the wiring will not be pinched or damaged. The rubber seal (seen hanging) is put back into place. The end of the wiring can be seen on the floor.

Here are a couple pictures of the pillar in place.

I installed a terminal strip to the right of the fuse panel. This is where the wires from the guage pod and the senders meet. Click here for pictures of the sender installations.

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