I installed the water temperature sender in place of one of the freeze plugs. The freeze plug was located on the rear driver's side of the block, directly under the engine block heater. This was the easiest sender to install. The only time consuming part was draining the antifreeze. Have a big drain pan handy...I got almost 5 gallons out of this beast.

Note: The sender requires a ?NPT-to-1/8"NPT adapter bushing. My guage came with the adapter, but make sure you have it before you drain the block.

By the way, I used this on all the pipe threads. It does a good job of sealing, but allows for proper grounding of the senders.

I searched far and wide for a location for the oil sender. I initially tried to 'T' into the factory sender location. However, it took so many adapters to make everything fit that I had problems with leaks. I ended up using an oil gallery plug at the back of the driver's side cylinder head. It was relatively easy to access, and there was just enough clearance for the sender.

Click here for pictures of the transmission temperature sender installation.

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