Door speaker project

'SuperDutySprech' on The Diesel Stop installed some speakers in his rear crewcab doors, so I decided to do it, too.

Here are the speakers I chose. They had a shallow mounting depth and they were less than $100. I got them at Crutchfield.

I used tape to mark the areas I did not want to damage by cutting.

If you don't know how to remove the door panel go here.

I used the included template to determine the cutting location. I wanted the speaker located centrally on the raised portion so it wouldn't be crooked.

The hole was marked...

...and cut. I used an air grinder with a cutoff wheel.

The hole easily missed all the door mounting ears.

The speaker fit just right.

I reinstalled the door panel to mark the door itself for cutting. You only want to cut enough for the speaker to mount flush.

I also cut this hole with the air grinder. As you can see, there is alot of room in the door for mounting a speaker.

I fished the wire through the B-pillar. I was able to do this without removing the trim.

The wire was ran through the rubber door conduit and into the door.

The door gasket was reinstalled and the speaker hole cut with a utility knife.

The door panel was reinstalled. The speaker wire is connected to the speaker...

...and the speaker is set in place and holes are drilled for the screws.

The finished product.

I was skeptical about how much better the speakers would sound in the rear door as opposed to the C-pillar. Also, I'm older and don't hear as well. I must say the new speakers in the rear doors sound great! Much better than I thought they would. The door speakers add alot of mid-range bass and depth to the sound. It sounds like the band is sitting in the back seat. It sounded so nice I sat in my truck and listened to the CD player until the battery went dead.

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