SuperDuty lift

Front axle, parts removal

Jack up the truck, and remove the tires.

Make sure the truck is properly supported. I used jackstands under the frame.

Support the axle with hydraulic jacks. You'll need to be able to raise and lower the axle.

Remove the brake caliper and tie it out of the way. It has two 11/16" bolts.

Note: When I say '11/16" bolt' that means it takes an 11/16" socket or wrench.

Remove the shock. The top nut is 18mm and the bottom bolt is 15mm.

Remove the swaybar links. It takes 15mm and 18mm tools.

Remove the cotter pin and 13/16" nut on the tie rod, then use a tie rod puller or fork to remove the tie rod end from the pitman arm. I have since found that the pitman arm puller works fine for removing the tie rod end, and is less destructive.

The next item to remove is the track bar bolt. It takes a 30mm socket. It took about 2 hours of looking around town to find one. You'll also need a powerful impact wrench and/or a long breaker bar like I used.

Here is the factory track bar bracket.

The instructions say to disconnect the front drive shaft at this point. I got the first three 8mm bolts out without much trouble, but the last one rounded off. Instead of spending a bunch of time getting it out I left the driveshaft connected. I didn't have a problem. I just made sure not to extend the driveshaft too far.

The U-bolts are removed (13/16" nuts) and the axle is lowered.

I was hoping to not have to remove the front bumper, but no such luck. It's not a big deal, but I have the brush guard on the front that had to come off, too. This allows easy access to the front spring bolts. Remove the four 18mm bolts and the bumper comes off.

The front spring bolts (15/16") also required the breaker bar.

The rear spring bolts are 15/16" and 13/16". They weren't as tight as the front. When the bolts were removed I used a prybar to dislodge the springs.

The lower AC condenser mounts (5/16") have to be removed... allow the spring bolts to come out. This is not mentioned in the instructions.

I noticed one of the power steering cooler lines was rubbing on the framing... I put some zip loom on it for protection.

I saved the teflon pads off the old springs to use on the new springs. These were brittle and stuck to the springs so I had to carefully remove them.

The pitman arm is removed with a pitman arm puller. I bought this one from Harbor Freight for $10.

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