SuperDuty lift

Front axle, putting on the new components

The new dropped pitman is installed.

The Fabtech track bar bracket is installed.

Here are dropped pitman arm and trackbar bracket in their locations.

Here is the new longer bumpstop.

The old bumpstops are removed and the new bumpstops are put in their place.

Here are the factory 2-leaf springs and the Fabtech 10-leaf springs. The Fabtech springs weigh over 100 lbs, so a helping hand is nice.

The new springs are bolted into place.

The axle is raised and spring pack bolt is centered in the axle spring pad. The new U-bolts are bolted into place (22mm nuts).

I bent the brake line bracket down to give the hose more flex.

Here is the new longer swaybar link with uerathane bushings and hardware.

The new swaybar links are installed. I initially installed the swaybar links like this (like the original links), but I would hear a knocking/bumping noise under my feet when hitting some bumps. The top of the link was hitting the frame. The instructions are very vague about the mounting orientation.

The white tag on the back of the leaf spring says "Made in Canada".

The tie rod is reinstalled in the dropped pitman arm, and the new shocks are installed.

Note: It was pointed out that I installed the front shocks upside down. I've since corrected this error.

The track bar was a bitch to get into the new bracket. I finally had to loosen the bracket to get the holes to line up. This one step took me over an hour.

Reinstall the AC condenser brackets and the bumper. I decided to reassemble the bumper and pushbar differently. I bolted the bumper and pushbar together. Then I added another nut to the bolts. This has the effect of spacing the bumper ~ 1" forward. It also made the bumper easier to install.

I think the spaced bumper looks nicer. It now matches the curvature of the wheelwell. It also gives more clearance between the bumper and the tire.

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