SuperDuty lift

Rear axle

The rear of the truck is jacked up, properly supported, and the rear tires are removed.

The shocks are removed (18mm) and the U-bolts are removed (15/16"). The axle is lowered.

The overload spring, lift block, and U-bolt bracket are removed.

The spring shackle must be removed with the spring because the rear spring bolt cannot be removed on the truck. The shackle bolt is 13/16".

Unbolt the front spring bolt (15/16"), and the spring can be removed without much of a fight.

Here are the rear springs. I upgraded to rear springs instead of using the standard additional lift block and add-a-leaf. These springs are actually the springs from the 8" kit.

The new springs are bolted to the spring hangers.

The center hole in the U-bolt plate was 3/4", but I had to drill it out to 13/16" for it to fit the Fabtech springs.

The axle is raised and bolted to the springs with the new U-bolts.

The emergency brake cable had rubbed the factory leaf springs and was going to rub these, too. I moved the cable mounting bracket (green arrow)... a new location (red arrow).

The new shocks are installed (Rancho P/N 9012).

Reinstall the tires. The lift is now mostly done. I still need to shim the carrier bearing, and check out a few 'thumps and bumps' I've been feeling. I'll post pictures and updates as needed.

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