I used KC HiLites 100-watt halogen Daylighters for the driving lights.

The kit includes: the lights, a wiring package, and zip loom.

I used a smaller set of KC lites for the foglights. I used to use these lights as alley lights on my old truck. I purchased a new set of lenses directly from KC HiLites to convert the driving lights to fog lights.

The Outland Sport Bar comes in 4 pieces: the 2 ends, the upper crossbar, and the lower crossbar. Mounting hardware is included. I purchased the stainless steel version (part number 213310-S) from Central 4WD.

The end pieces have thick rubber bumpers. The rubber bumpers fit over "T" shaped channeling that is part of the end pieces. The lower crossbar is a 1 1/2" tube. The upper crossbar is "U" shaped, and open to the back. It has two holes on top for mounting lights, and 4 holes on the underside. The lower crossbar has no provisions for mounting lights.

The assembly for the sport bar itself is very straightforward. The ends bolt to the crossbars with Allen-head bolts. There are plastic gaskets between the crossbars and ends.

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