Those Whose Journey Is Over

Grandpa Romia and Grandma Mabel

Grandma passed away on December 20, 1985, on the night of their 50th wedding anniversary. Grandpa followed her in July 1994.

Grandpa Ralph
1920 - 1979

World War II Navy veteran.

Grandma Marie
1919 - 1994

Jimmy and Mary Smith

Mike Robison
(May 5, 1954 - November 19, 2007)

Tasha, my little buddy

July 21, 1988 - October 30, 1996

1991 - August 29, 2000

? - June 30, 2004


Michelle's loyal buddy for 15 years. She showed up at her door one day and never left her side. She never met a hotdog she didn't love.

? - July, 2011


He showed up on our back porch thin, flee-ridden, and sad looking. Despite our initial efforts to run him off he became the first pet for Donna and I. He added personality to the porches and helped raise our dog, Buford. He succumbed to leukemia and was laid to rest in our back yard next to Donna's dog, Quincy.

July 3, 2013 - March 16, 2018

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