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In 2006 I bought a Jeep Liberty CRD (diesel). It has the potential to be a great little SUV, but unfortunately Chrysler quality intervened.

I had a MAP sensor go bad. I took it to multiple dealerships multiple times but ended up having to fix it myself. Poor training? Apathy? Incompetence? Read more here.

I had an ABS problem (a month out of warranty) that took me over a year to find. Ended up being a broken wire inside the insulation. I have a scan tool but Chrysler put their brake system on a different bus than normal. Thanks.

I have to help pull the driver's window up because it drags.

I had to replace the left rear window regulator. Another common problem that Chrysler won't fix. Update 2012: I had to replace the right one, too.

I had to replace the rear U-joint at 28K miles. Another common problem because the U-joint is a few thousandths too long for the yoke and the U-joint binds. My replacement was tight. I'll see how long it lasts.

At 44K miles the rear brakes were into the rotors and everything had to be replaced. The first warning was the sound of metal on metal. Every other vehicle I've owned have gotten over 100K miles on the rear brakes. Chrysler quality.

The 2-3 shift on the transmission has been moody for years. Sometimes smooth. Sometimes it chatters. Sometimes it slams into gear. Now the 1-2 shift occasionally messes up. It clunks then goes straight to third gear and stays there. You have to cycle power to clear it. Update 2013: I had to have the transmission rebuilt at 55K miles due to bad clutches. A local transmission shop rebuilt it with stronger clutches and upgraded pump parts and a Suncoast converter that I supplied. I then upgraded the ECU and TCM with programs from Green Diesel Engineering. The Jeep drives a lot better now but the whole mess cost me almost $4000.

In 2012 the right mirror spring broke and the whole mirror housing flopped around. In 2013 the left one broke. Hopefully the mirror in the replacement won't vibrate like the stock one did. When I pointed out the vibrating mirror the dealer blamed it on the spot mirror I had stuck on it. Dumbasses.....

Blower motor resistor went bad.

Will I ever buy another Chrysler product?

Hell No!

Junk, junk, junk. No wonder they needed a bailout.

The overhead projector in the mancave had been acting feeble so John and I started looking for an upgrade. We found a Sake T8 at that had good specs and a decent price. We ordered it.

When I ordered it I had it shipped to John's house...where the mancave is. Not surprisingly they emailed me and wanted me to confirm my identity since the shipping and billing addresses were different. Whenever I called their phone it went straight to voicemail so I left a message stating who I was and left a callback number. They never called, and they cancelled my order because they said I never contacted them.

I reordered using matching addresses and it took almost two weeks to be delivered. The box had come from China. The company is in Nevada. Hmmmmm.

The ad showed the projector having USB and SD card ports. This one didn't. The company admitted we had gotten the wrong projector, but said if we decided to keep this one they would credit us $50.

We decided to give it a try but there were more problems. The menu kept reverting to Chinese. We don't read Chinese.

The grammar of the user manual was so poor it was almost unreadable.

There was no way to zoom the image in to fit the screen. We would have to remount the project to suit the projector. Unacceptable.

Because of all these issues we decided to return the projector. The company said they would gladly refund our money once we sent the projector back to CHINA! Are they kidding??? I asked if they would refund the shipping to China and they said no, but they would waive their normal 15% restocking fee. What the hell??? They are the ones who sent us the wrong model in the first place, and a Chinese version to boot. Then they want us to send it back to China to get a refund?!? What a load of crap!


Barrett Rent-All in Bedford, IN. Read the letter I wrote them here. They didn't care and never responded.

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