Flagpole project

June 3, 2003

Our business meeting was turned into a work session to dig the hole for our flagpole. The hole needed to be 42" in diameter and 54" deep. We used a one-man auger to speed up the digging.

Chief Standley Wright (left) and Willard Stiles (purple shirt) supervise while Mike Crane digs. LD is taking a breather.

Mike takes a breather while the Chief adds more dirt to the bottom of the hole for LD to excavate. Sarah can be seen walking across the road. Ebony, the attack poodle, watches for danger and coffee.

The Chief and Mike clean the sides of the hole while LD throws another load into the truck. Micah (right) has shown up...

...and is put to work.

LD uses the auger to dig through the nasty Indiana red clay. Mike is taking his life in his hands to be that close to machinery operated by LD.

Rick Davis (right) has arrived, and he and Micah do their highway road crew impersonations. Adam can be seen standing at the back of the blue truck across the road.

Micah takes a turn at the auger.

Darkness has fallen, so we lit up the hole so Adam could do some digging.

3 1/2 hours after we started LD announced the hole was 54 inches deep.

We admire our new hole. Mike Potter is in the white sweatshirt and Shannon (soon to be Mrs. Potter) is in the green jacket.

Click here to follow our flagpole installation.

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