The 2001 Stone Project Page

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May 2001

Here is our limestone nameplate. It was the brainchild of L.D. Martin. He is second from the left in the above picture. L.D. coordinated the project from start to finish, and deserves a big "Thank You" for his hard work.

The nameplate is a work of art and craftsmanship. The nameplate and the base are two pieces. The total weight of both pieces is around 10,000 pounds.

Equally remarkable is that the entire project was donated, and we'd like to recognize those whose generosity made it possible:

Heltonville Limestone - donated the limestone.

Bill Gallaway - carved the limestone. Bill is an employee of Heltonville Limestone.

Tim Luttrell - Oversaw the project at Heltonville Limestone.

Roger's Building Supply (RBS) - donated mortar for the project and transported the limestone from Heltonville to Eureka.

Elliott Stone - unloaded the stone at Eureka.

H & H Contracting - Doyle Hudson dug and poured the base for the limestone. He also transported the limestone from Eureka to the fire station, as well as set the limestone.

CPI Supply - donated the lighting supplies for the limestone.

IMI - supplied the concrete.

Martin's Home Maintenance - L.D. was involved in all phases of the project. He also wired the lighting.

Below are some pictures of the limestone being moved to its final position.

Pictures - Loading the stone in Eureka.
Pictures - The caravan from Eureka to Fayetteville.
Pictures - setting the stone at the fire station.
Pictures - The hail storm.

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