Tanker 4 is a 1973 International gas truck that has been converted into a fire tanker. This is typical of many tankers that volunteer fire departments have. A gas or oil company uses the tanker until it's worn out. Then a volunteer fire department is able to purchase it cheaply, because that's all they can afford. Because water is heavier than gas they end up with a truck that is slow, underpowered, overweight, and sometimes scary to drive. That's the way this truck is, but it's been a good old truck.

This truck is a 'second generation' fire truck, as we purchased it from Shawswick Fire Department around 1980. Over the years we have fixed it up to be a very functional truck. We've added a 6" dump valve, a 2 1/2" tank fill, and a dumptank rack in the last few years.

Below you can see our homemade dumptank rack. It cost us ~$250 and works very well. One of these days we might put one on our other tanker. As well as this one works, it would work even better on Tanker 2. You can also see the tank fill we added. This is very handy for filling the truck from a hydrant.

The truck's short wheelbase make it very maneuverable on the tight country rouds. We've had a few problems with rust holes in the tank. If we can stay ahead of the tank rust this truck should continue to serve us for years to come.

Automatic tank vents

Tank fill

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