New garage

December 18, 2005

Today I put in the corner posts. I took a lot of time making sure they were square. My dad and my girlfriend's dad and uncle came over later. With their help we got all the posts setting in their holes before it got dark.

I drilled holes in the bottom of the posts and inserted rebar through to give the posts more grip when they are buried. My girlfriend helped drilling holes and cutting rebar.

December 23

Dad is tamping around one of the posts. We put a bag of dry concrete in the bottom and fill the rest of the way with dirt, tamping often.

Dad and I worked from dawn to dusk setting posts. We got 8 of the 15 posts in. We could have gotten some more but we had to fuss with a couple holes and dig them out some more. Apparently my aim with a Bobcat auger leaves something to be desired. As the posts are set, plumbed, braced, and filled the garage starts to take on shape.

December 26

We worked for a few hours and got 3 more posts set. We had our Christmas dinner today as my brother worked on the ambulance on Christmas and I worked on Christmas Eve.

December 27

Today was sunny with temperatures in the mid-50's so I took off work to work on the garage. We finished the remaining 4 posts. We also installed the bottom treated girt and two rows of wall girts.

A couple guys from the fire department stopped by to check things out.

Dad is getting ready to pull a large caliber handgun and put Cody out of our misery.

December 30

While I was at work my dad and brother stopped by and put on a couple more rows of girts. They skipped the 6' row because I have to frame for windows.

December 31

Today we put up the 2x12 truss girts.

We used 10-inch long 1/2" galvanized carriage bolts to secure the truss girts to the posts. We attached blocking to set the truss girts on...we're old and 16' 2x12's are unweildy and fairly heavy.

January 1, 2006

Happy New Year! If it doesn't rain tomorrow we're supposed to put up the trusses so we spent the day getting ready. I cut the center section out of the top of the wall posts to accept the trusses and trimmed the outer boards to match the trusses.

If I build another pole building I'd probably cut off one of the side boards of the post instead of the middle board. The boards that make up the laminated posts are a 1/16" or so smaller than a normal board. This, combined with the added thickness of the nail plates, requires one of the boards to be trimmed slightly for the truss to fit between the two boards. It would be simpler to cut an outside board, and the knee braces would fit without a spacer.

For the trusses that don't attach to a post we built truss stubs.

Ebony the sexy attack poodle is on watch for terrorists, coffee, loud nail guns, and the neighbor dogs.

It appears she's just finished a Marlboro.

It's getting late, but the walls are ready for trusses.

Page 3 - the trusses are put on.

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