New garage

January 2, 2006

It was a wonderful 55 degrees this January morning. My dad, my brother, LD, Louie, and Adam came over around 8 am to set trusses.

The first truss is put on. LD is nailing the truss to a gable post.

Progress. Poo (Louie) flips the truss while Dad helps LD position it.

Getting ready for the last truss. Adam and Monty are petting the neighbor's dogs.

My leg can be seen dangling from the left wall.

4 hours after we started the trusses and purlins are on. It looks like a garage now.

When we finished up it was 67 degrees and a storm was rolling in. Are you sure this is January?

January 6, 2006

Today I went to Menards for more supplies. They had metal roofing and siding on sale for $54/square so I ordered the metal for the garage. Metal is usually around $62/square in my area.

I'm using Emerald Green for the roof and Ivory for the walls. I had intended to use Prairie Wheat for the walls (to match future house residing) but they don't make any trim in that color. It wouldn't have mattered on a 'normal' polebarn as all the trim would have been green. However, I'm merging this garage with the small garage so I need trim pieces and I'm not using green for the corner trim. Had I known about no Prairie Wheat trim, and had the metal not been on sale, I would have probably bought it at DC Metal. Their green metal is a little deeper colored.

January 8, 2006

We got several smaller projects done today.

We used 2x8s for the bottom purlins. This will allow us to double screw the metal down low where wind forces are higher. The trusses were connected to the posts with 1/2" bolts.

We put up 2x10 banding below the front truss. It'll stiffen up the front and make a good mounting surface for lighting. We also framed all the garage doors.

We also added corner bracing (left) and knee bracing.

January 9, 2006

I called and ordered the garage doors today. I'm getting two 12x10' doors for the front a 10x10' for the side.

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