Carb removal

Remove the evaporative cannister.

I used a factory service manual during this procedure.

Here is the evaporative cannister. Mine looked clean inside and I didn't see the use for it, so I modified it.

Remove the air duct by removing the clamps on each end.

Remove the 'sub air cleaner'.

Remove the two fuel lines (gray hoses in the corners) and the air breather hose (in the middle).

Remove the throttle linkage. I've read this can be a pain, and mine were no exception. Make sure you have a good screwdriver or the screws will want to round out.

Remove the choke cable linkages (the black tubes). It might take a pair of pliers to break these loose, but then they'll unscrew with finger pressure.

Here are the choke valves. When you remove the choke cables make sure not to lose these.

Loosen the clamps on the black hoses that connect the carbs to the engine, and remove the carbs.

Click here for carb rejetting.

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