Carb rejetting

Carb removal

Here is the carb off of the bike.

I used a factory service manual for reference during this procedure.

I used a Dynojet rejet kit.

The kit includes new needle valves, 4 different sizes of main jet, instructions, and a drill bit for accessing the idle mixture screws.

Remove the vacuum assembly cover and spring.

Turn the plastic retaining fixture approximately 60* and it will release.

Remove the needle valve with a pair of needlenosed pliers and replace it with the Dynojet needle valve.

The factory needle valve is on the right. The Dynojet needle valve has the 'E' clip installed in the 3rd groove.

Reassemble the vacuum assembly and do the other carb. If the diaphram comes out of its groove, stick your finger in the venturi and push up on the assembly. This will allow you to reseat the diaphram prior to reassembly.

The next step is to replace the main jet.

Remove the fuel bowl cover.

Using a 7mm wrench to hold the jet holder, unscrew the main jet and replace it with the appropriate sized Dynojet piece. Per the recommendations in the Dynojet kit I used a #170 jet.

Put the fuel bowl cover back on and repeat for the other side.

The screwdriver points to the cap over the idle mixture screws.

Use the supplied drill bit to access the idle mixture screw. Screw the mixture screw in until it seats (don't force it) and screw it back out 2 1/2 turns.

I marked my screwdriver with a marker so I could visualize when I made a full turn.

Rejetting is finished. Remount the carbs, check for leaks, and ride.

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