Light bar

Ever since I've had my bike I've wanted better lighting at night. I decided to install a lightbar. I ended purchasing a kit from JC Whitney. There are several kits out there, but I wanted 55W halogen lights.

Here is the installed lightbar. It clears the windshield.

The lightbar bracket mounts between the headlight and fork brace. It uses the factory bolts.

To control the lightbar I bought a switch box from JC Whitney. It is chrome and goes on top of the brake fluid reservoir.

The switch on the right controls the lightbar, and will only function when the key is on. The switch on the left controls my GPS and has power all the time.

Update 9/2005 - I have removed the switchbox and am now using this switch. I didn't like reaching across the bike to turn on the lights and I didn't need all those switches.

I used a relay to power the lightbar and tucked the wiring behind the front frame covers.

I rewired the lights by adding a separate ground wire. I'm not a fan of grounding through housings and brackets.

Here is a close up of the light mounting tabs. They clamp to the light bar.

I have to give this system a "C" for quality. The bases on the lights are bigger than the tabs they set on, and the lightbar bracket was crooked and required a little tweaking.

Update August 2005 - I took the lightbar off and mounted the lights to the engine guard.

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