Roadhouse exhaust

I've been running hole-sawed exhaust pipes for a couple years. They sound much better than stock. Over time, however, they seem to be getting louder and have a drone at certain rpm ranges. Also, on our Colorado trip my saddlebag fell on the upper pipe and blued it badly.

Some people on The Shadow Rider's Forum and have installed the Roadhouse 2-into-1 system and have really liked it. It's supposed to have a low, rumbly sound and not be loud like most other aftermarket exhausts. I found the system (P/N 52-140) on sale so I decided to order it. The system is designed for the Honda Sabre but 'also fits' the Spirit 1100.

The first step is to remove the factory exhaust. There are two nuts on each head pipe and two bolts on the mounting bracket (directly below the passenger floorboard). All are 12mm.

Here is the factory exhaust.

The front pipe bolts on loosely.

Then the 'Y' pipe is slid on. Some WD40 works well.

The rear pipe is loosely bolted on and slipped into the 'Y' pipe.

The muffler is slid into place.

There is an adapter bracket that bolts to the muffler and the factory exhaust mounting bracket. Bolt the adapter bracket to the factory bracket, then adjust the exhaust system to bolt the adapter bracket to the muffler.

The heat shields are then mounted. They use hose clamps to hold them in place. There is one each for each header pipe and a large one for the bottom.

I removed the exhaust tip and it can be seen. The exhaust has more rumble without the tip.

The heat shields don't fit perfectly on the Spirit 1100's, but almost. The only place I couldn't get it to fit perfectly was at the 'Y' pipe, but it's pretty close. Also, the indention for the upper exhaust pipe is now exposed. A replacement is said to be available but I'm not going to mess with it.

Here is a view of the muffler without the tip.

There is a lot more room for saddlebags now.

Here is an overall view of the new exhaust.

Exhaust sound file (~480KB)

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