Here are my saddlebags. They have alot more room than I expected. They have a plastic sleeve to keep them expanded, as well as a snap cover. I had a hard time getting the bags mounted. They didn't come with instructions. I still don't feel like they set right. I'd like to find a way to mount them a little higher and firmer. Any suggestions?

I recently relocated my taillights to make more room for the saddlebags. I will be making a mounting system to attach the bags to the fender rail.

I used the saddlebag to cut a pattern in some foam I had.

After I trimmed the foam template to fit inside the saddlebag, I transferred it to some peg board I had. The pegboard is easy to cut, yet firm.

I put some bolts in the fender rail to hold the saddlebags. I had an extra hole from the turn signal relocation. I also removed the reflector since it'll be covered by the saddlebags. This gave me another hole.

The saddlebags look pretty good. They don't droop, and are firmly mounted. If I decide I like this setup I'll change the peg board templates to aluminum or something more permanent.

June 2004 - In preparation for an upcoming trip I bought some larger saddlebags. I used the same mounting method. They are Willie & Max P/N SB370.

August 2005 - I've upgraded to larger saddlebags. I bought them from GS Leather via Ebay.

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